Adjusting Equipment

The Gonstead Method focuses on being specific when examining and treating a patient with a suspected subluxation. The Gonstead Chiropractor will choose the treatment table that is most appropriate for each patient dependent upon presentation.

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The Cervical Chair

The cervical chair is used to examine the patient in a weight-bearing position, and to adjust subluxations within the cervical spine.

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The Hi-Lo

The Hi-Lo table is a mechanically assisted table that pivots from a vertical to a horizontal position. With movable segments of the table this table allows us to adjust any aspect of the spine in the prone (face down) position.

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The Knee Chest Table

The knee chest table is used to adjust everything from the pelvis to the upper neck. It works well for the late term pregnant patient, the person with rib injuries such as fractures that cannot lay on a solid surface, and for the more solid patients that do not adjust well on the pelvic bench or Hi-Lo.

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The Pelvic Bench

The pelvic bench is used to adjust the iliums (hips), the sacrum (tailbone that connects onto both hips to form the sacroiliac joints), and the lumbar vertebrae. The pelvis side posture adjustment is also unique to the Gonstead Method.