The Adjustment

The adjustment is the correction of the subluxation. It is a light force applied via the use of your hands. It’s very quick thrust to adjust the bone in a specific direction to get pressure off the nerve.

After a complete evaluation your chiropractor will have a thorough understanding of your problem. It is then possible to provide a SPECIFIC, ACCURATE and PRECISE correction. The focus is to adjust the segments that are the cause of the problem. The Gonstead system of analysis and correction allows the adjustment to be safe and effective in restoration of the spine and nervous system.

Once the subluxation is corrected via the adjustment. the nerve is no longer under pressure. The NORMAL flow of that nerve is restored and the body has an ability to heal itself. It always wants to work at 100%. This is known as innate intelligence.

Innate Intelligence

Innate intelligence is not about how smart someone is—the level of a person’s education or ability to learn new material. Innate intelligences guides us to adapt to our environment in order to survive. For example, it is what makes a leafy plant on a window sill turn its leaves toward the light. Move the plant and it will turn its leaves again. You don’t have to tell the plant what to do. The plant knows it has to have light to survive.

Innate intelligence makes a baby’s heart beat, digests food, eliminates waste, uses white blood cells to fight infections, and makes the baby cry when it wants attention. No one has to teach an infant any of these things. Chiropractors work with your bodies inborn ability to heal (innate intelligence) to remove nervous system interference. What could be more important than getting your spine checked?

It is important to have you spine checked on a regular basis and not left until you experience a symptom or pain. This will help maintain optimum health via proper spinal function. The conditions used in the Gonstead system of analysis help determine if certain adjustments are required. There maybe times where your Gonstead chiropractor, once they have examined you, decide that an adjustment is not required.

The Gonstead Adjustment

Gonstead Chiropractic involves a specific correction of the subluxation this is known as an adjustment. The adjustment is very different from a manipulation. Below is a table that highlights the major difference.